Juliet Bromme is Max’s sister. If you read his journal in the print version of KidsView, you knew that we’d have Juliet’s right here on the web. Read on to find out her take on the move to Florida and all the fun stuff she was up to this summer.
June 10, 2009

Today I went to the General Conference picnic. It was a lot of fun. I especially liked the rock climbing wall. I made it to the top about three times! There were other things too, like a water slide, miniature golfing, and great food! I think my whole family had a great time!
June 11, 2009
Yesterday I went to my other grandparents’ house. And today we went to Kings Dominion with my grandparents and my cousins. We did lots of roller coasters. I did some of the hardest roller coasters in the park! If you went to Kings Dominion before, you would probably know of the roller coaster called the Volcano. Well, anyway my aunt, uncle, my cousin Andrew, and I went on it. At first it was slow and you would probably think it was going to be a nice soft ride but then your off! It goes so fast. I had to hold on so tight! You turn up side down and twirl. I have to admit it, it was great fun. 
At lunch we had a picnic. It was great food. And after lunch we went on some water rides. After a while we dried off and went on a few more dry rides. Then we saw some water canyon rides. They didn’t look like they were wet rides but by the time we were done believe me, we were drenched! We were there from 10:30 when it opens to 8:00 when it closes. Let me tell you that I had the best time in an amusement
park in a long time!
June 22, 2009
Last week my family went to camp meeting. It was great fun.   All our cousins came. There were kids’ meetings and we sang songs and made crafts. On Sabbath we sang at the grownups meeting.
Our cousins have a tent trailer and so do we so we camp next to each other. I was having too much fun to journal. 
But today w’ere going to Vermont for a week. Then from there we’re going to Florida. It’s exciting but it’s also kind of hard to leave everybody. Like today we said goodbye to our grandparents. But again it’s exciting because today they start painting our house. So I guess we’re just living through this!   
June 25, 2009

A few days ago we went to a hotel in Vermont and we’re making a lot of friends. We’re here because my dad got a new job in Florida. People from his company all over America come for meetings once a year.   Every year they go somewhere and this year it’s here. 
Were having a good time and doing a lot of things. Today or tomorrow we’re going to go horse back riding and I’m really excited about that because I love ponies and horses.   My brother always bugs me about it.   We’ve done other things like bungee jumping, rock climbing, and an alpine slide and as I said before were making lots of friends.   Also about now the people in Florida are fixing our house.   I guess we have a pretty exciting life!
June 30 to July 5

We’re in Florida! Our grandparents came this week to help unload and get things in order. We also went swimming in the Springs there. Now the Springs is kind of like a swimming pool only much bigger and deeper. It’s filled with water from a spring that comes from underground. We live in community called The Springs, so it makes sense we have a spring in our community. Anyway, there are lots of frogs and lizards here so for Max’s birthday present he and our grandpa went to a store and got some wood.   And we thought that we would make a lizard cage.   So as I said they went to get some wood and yesterday when it was July 5 we started building it. It’s coming right along and our goal is to have it done by the time our other grandparents get here.   We just have to put the screen on and make it a home and of course catch the lizard then we’ll be set.   Our other grandparents who were here this week just left on their train headed “onward or home” - whatever you wanted to call it.  
There is a lot more to look forward to!                         
July 8, 2009

Today was full and busy. Lots of people were here today to get our house fixed up. But, in my opinion this house looks pretty good already.   Except… yesterday Leif got this permanent marker and colored all over the walls and furniture.   Anyway, today our cousins who live in Florida, came over and went swimming and while we were swimming our moms were talking and later she told me that our other cousins called and said that at the school we will be going to, their teacher will be Mrs. Dalton. Now, all us cousins go to the same school. I thought that was cool. Also believe it or not four of the six cousins that live in Florida and go to that school are fourth graders and I am one of them! And Sean and Scott Gillis were the ones that were here today and Scott is one of the fourth graders and Sean is the oldest of the bunch and is in seventh grade. Then Max, my brother, is in sixth grade and you know what I’m in, fourth grade. And the ones who are twin girls, Alexis and Brianna Castro are in fourth grade. It’s funny because Brianna was born at 7:00 and Alexis at 7:01!   Anyway their brother Gabe, is going to be in first grade.  
Well, I was thinking that I would make a journal to fill me in on things so I would remember this special year . I like journaling and I’m going to be a reporter so this will suit me well.
Right now I’m typing and my mom is reading Survivors of the Dark Rebellion!
July 14, 2009

Today our other grandparents, who live in Maryland, are coming. Also I made a secret hideout in our house and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you where it is because it’s top secret—only my mom knows. Anyway as I wrote we were making a lizard cage, we finished and it looks great. We even caught a lizard and his name is Kimoke. Max has been sick so he hasn’t been with Kimoke, but I have and I think he likes me. My mom gave me this idea that I train Kimoke and I thought it was a great idea but my brother wasn’t so sure. Anyway my plan to train Kimoke is working. When I come to his cage and say “Hi Kimoke” he lifts his head and looks at me so sweetly and he doesn’t run away somewhere else in his cage. 
Were thinking of getting another lizard but, that is another story!             
July 28, 2009
Our grandparents left about a week ago. And my dad and Max opened the door to Kimoke’s cage and let him out because they thought he didn’t have enough food. Number 1 he had a huge beetle in there and two spiders and we were going to get him more food. Anyway he was out and gone forever but then a few weeks after we let Kimoke out Max and my little brother Leif were outside playing and they caught a skink. If you don’t know what a skink is it’s a blue tailed lizard.   They look nice but really they aren’t very easy to tame. But they are smarter than lizards and I think it got out and I’m happy about that.   Now were catching any lizard we see in our screened in porch. A few days ago we saw, right in our backyard a black bear and we’ve seen a lot of birds too! Also snakes and alligators!   
It’s been fun journaling and I will do it again. I hope you or whoever is reading this will enjoy it too!