Pathfinders always have a great time when they go to club meetings, work on Honors, go camping, or work on service projects together. But the ultimate Pathfinder trip has to be the international camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Since the event occurs once every five years, most kids have only one opportunity to attend. 
The staff at Adventist Mission went to the camporee to personally thank kids who have been supporting the mission offering all of their lives. But we also created an opportunity for kids to experience mission in a fun and slightly different way. 
Pathfinders who visited the exhibit hall had a chance to step into an entirely different culture. With a Southeast Asian theme, visitors took pictures in front of a Cambodian fishing village. Hand woven sarongs and shirts, or silk sarongs from Thailand, were available to try on. Asian antiques such as drums, rice measures, scoops, stools, an abacus, and wooden bowls were used as props. Accessories such as fans, bells, a hand-painted parasol, and wooden frogs were also available. There were also embroidered hats from Vietnam and elaborate hats from Mongolia. The most interesting item was an antique one-person fishing boat. More than one hundred years ago, such a boat would have been used by a Chinese family to earn a living.
These Adventist Mission photo opportunities turned out to be one of the most popular activities at the camporee. Babies, kids, teenagers, adults, and retirees all got in on the action. And with the sale of specially designed commemorative pins, nearly $5,000 was raised specifically for new mission projects in Southeast Asia.
Many kids said they would like to be missionaries someday, and some had already been on mission trips abroad.  
Without the regular support of the mission offering, the mission work of the church could not go forward. And without your support of the Annual Sacrifice Offering, hundreds of new mission projects could not be started. Thank you for your generous offerings! Together we can make a difference by supporting missionaries around the world.

                                                                                           --Nancy Kyte
Whether you went to the camporee or not, you might see someone you know. Visit to see what all the fun was about. You can also learn about special mission projects and how you and your friends can raise money to help.