Why is Sand Brown? 
Keeshia F., Age 9
The color of sand, often light brown or boring beige, is usually nothing to get excited about. But have you ever heard sand squeak? Did you ever find a gemstone in the sandcastle that you were building?
The way sand is made and what it’s made from can make sand really spectacular.
Sand is formed when rocks are eroded or weathered. As water, wind and ice move across rock, small particles break off. The type of rock the sand comes from gives the sand its color. In some places, bits of shell and coral also add color to the sand. 
Here is a sampling of the kinds of sand you might come across:
·        Black sand from volcanic rock
·        White sand from gypsum or limestone
·        Green sand from the mineral glauconite
·        Yellow sand from iron
·        Pink sand from sea shells

God’s Fingerprint in Creation
Squeaky Sand
You would never guess by looking at the beaches around a lake near our home that there was anything unusual about them. But there is. One of the beaches squeaks when you walk on it. Researchers call it acoustic sand. The sand grains are very round from much weathering in water. Their round shape makes the sand grains squeak when they slide across each other.
Diamonds Between Your Toes?
If you look very closely at the sand on these beaches, you might see sparkling pink gemstones mixed with the sand. The gemstones are garnets that look a lot like rubies. I’ve been told that diamonds are often found with garnets. Are there diamonds on our beach, too? Maybe there are!
In Deuteronomy 33:19, the Bible tells us of the “hidden treasure of the sand.” When God made the world, no doubt the rocks were beautiful and full of treasures. Though the flood hid the treasures from our sight, we can still find traces of Creation’s glory in the sand at our feet.
Solve it!
What would happen if you dragged a magnet through sand? You’d collect magnetic sand!
Get a clue! Search out these scriptures to discover what sand can teach us: Psalm 139: 17, 18; Jeremiah 5:22; Matthew 7: 26; Hebrews 11:12
To see some of the treasures hidden in sand, go to: http://geology.com/articles/sand-grains.shtml 

What’s in your sand? We’d love to hear about the treasures you’ve found. You can also send along your questions for upcoming issues of Creation Investigation. Email your questions and comments to kidsview@adventistreview.org.