Follow these simple steps to create your own haystack. Here's a few rules to remember:

1. Have an adult help you cut up the ingredients.
2. You don't have to use all the ingredients. If you don't like something, don't add it. It should still taste good.
3. If you don't eat dairy products such as cheese or sour cream, don't use them or substitute something similar.
4. This is a suggested order, but you can layer it in any order you like.

Haystacks are served every other Wednesday at the General Conference cafeteria in Silver Spring, Maryland. We took pictures of someone making a haystack so you can get the idea. So, let's make a haystack!

1. Start with Fritos on your plate. If you want, you can crush them first.

2. Next, add chili or beans. You can use pinto or kidney beans.

3. Add the cheese layer now if you want the hot beans to melt the cheese.

4. Add lettuce next, followed by tomatoes.

5. Next add olives on top of the tomatoes.

6. If you like sour cream, add it now.

7. Are you an onion lover? It's time to add those to the top!

8. How about hot sauce? Even a little bit is a nice touch--just not too hot!

9. And you're finished! Some people like to add guacamole. You might have other ideas. Now dig in and enjoy!