It is time for the holidays again and Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is a fun time to give and to get gifts. There is one gift, though, that is free and is much more important than anything you’ll find under a Christmas tree. Let’s read about it:
“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)
The greatest gift that has ever been given is the gift of Jesus. He came to this Earth as a baby. He gave up Heaven to come to Earth, and He gave His life to you as a gift.
Have you ever really thought about what Jesus did for you—about what a huge gift it really is? Imagine for a minute Jesus is in Heaven. It is perfect in Heaven. Everyone is happy and kind. The angels love and serve Jesus and are always good. Heaven is always just the right temperature. It is not too hot and never too cold. You are never hungry in Heaven. You never get tired. Heaven is peaceful, calm and perfectly wonderful.
Because He loves us, Jesus chose to leave Heaven to come to this Earth. On Earth it is cold, scary and dark. Jesus left Heaven to be here. What a gift!
Think about this, too: Jesus is God. He has no beginning and no ending. He is perfect and can only do good. Jesus is God, but He chose to become a person. He was still God, but He was also a full person. It is hard to imagine!
Jesus didn’t choose to become a powerful king, or an emperor, either. He chose to be born as a baby—a regular baby who felt cold and tired. A baby who cried because He was hungry. A baby who needed help with everything. So Jesus, who is God, became a helpless baby boy. What a wonderful gift.
The gift doesn’t end there, though. Jesus the baby grew up to become Jesus the man. Then He gave you and me the greatest gift. He died to give us life. That is the greatest gift of all!
During the holidays, take some time to really think about the gift that Jesus gave you. As you buy and wrap presents for your friends, don’t forget to tell them about the greatest gift—the one that won’t fit under a tree—and make it a wonderful holiday with Jesus!
                                                                                             ---Jean Boonstra
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