A home is more than a building. It is a place where you can be safe, secure, healthy, and happy. It doesn’t matter what a house looks like, but to be a good home for children, a house should have these things:
·        Protection from weather, danger, and pollution
·        A safe water supply in the house or nearby
·        Sturdy walls that can’t catch fire easily
·        A sanitary place for a bathroom
·        Clean water for drinking and food preparation
·        Adults who can care for children
Sadly, more than 20 million families in the world’s cities are homeless. Not everyone is homeless for the same reason because there are many different causes of homelessness.
·        War and violence force people of their homes. More than half of the world’s refugees are children.
·        Natural disasters, such as droughts, flood, volcanoes, and storms, can destroy homes. After a disaster, there might not be any money to rebuild houses.
·        When there is no work, people leave the country and move to the cities hoping to find a job. This makes the cities very crowded, and the housing becomes even more expensive.
·        There is not enough cheap housing for all the people who need it. The unemployed or those earning very little sometimes end up on the streets, or perhaps they have to sleep in their car. And that means the poorest families have no where to bathe.
Even Jesus was born in a humble stable because His parents had nowhere else to stay when they were in Bethlehem. Sometimes circumstances can’t be helped. But sometimes there are ways we can make a difference by helping someone get through those tough times. Do you have a warm coat that you’ve outgrown? Don’t let it hang in your closet—give it to a boy or girl who needs one. Maybe your family could make sandwiches and take them to people who are hungry. Use some of your allowance to buy a nice blanket. Ask your parents to help you find a place, such as a shelter, where it would be used and appreciated. 
No matter how much you try, you can’t help everyone in the world. But if you can help at least one person, then you will know that you have made someone feel a little safer, a little warmer, a little more comfortable, and maybe even a little more loved. 
Ask God to help you find a way to help someone, and He will provide an opportunity. Once you’ve done that, you might feel a little warmer yourself! And then ask God for another opportunity. Keep helping people, one at a time. You’ll be so glad you did.